What is it?

Googol is a calculator and search launcher for OS X that makes use of Google™'s internet search engine and on-line calculator functionality.

Note that the main work performed in this application is performed by Google™. The guys at Google™ have done all the work behind the scenes, and all credit is due to them. This application is a front end to the work they have done.

A strange name for a product. So what is a “Googol”?

"Googol" is a very large number, defined as 10100. You can find out more about the "Googol" here.


Using Googol is simple. Type an expression in the entry box. Then hit Return or click "Calculate" to perform the calculation. For example, try

•sin(42.3) + 7

•speed of light * 42 minutes

•the answer to life the universe and everything + 19 * tan(10)

•12 kilometers in miles

•15.6 gallons in litres

•1 googol

You can also search Google™ by typing an expression and clicking the "Search" button (or COMMAND-S to search). This will launch your default browser, with results from Google™'s search.

Note that you must be on-line for this application to work.

See Google™'s instructions for more information on how to use the calculator.

How much does Googol cost?

Googol is donation ware.  The software is fully functional, but if you like it, and want to see the application updated, or new applications being created, then please donate.

Please click on the donate button to make a secure donation.  Thank you. 


+ PowerPC Macintosh running OS X 10.3 or higher


Googol is not a product of Google™. It is not maintained or supported by Google™. No warranty is made to Googol's usefulness, and no responsibility will be taken for loss incurred through its use or misuse.

  1. Googol Version 1.0

Googol is Copyright © 2004-2010 Jamie Curmi (curmi.com), All rights reserved.