A week or so ago I was recording Tin Man on Channel 7 here in Australia. I have no idea if the show is any good – I haven’t watched it yet. ┬áBut I love a good “re-imagining”.

Anyway, I recorded both episodes on my Mac using EyeTV, as I tend to do with most shows these days. Once recorded, I then edit TV shows to remove commercials (take that Australian TiVo). Here’s the EyeTV timeline showing where the ads are (the blue/grey areas) in episode 2:

That seems to me to be an awful lot of ads in one TV show (or in this case, part 2 of a TV show).

So, I did some calculations:

  • The show’s total length was 2 hours 47 minutes
  • There were 12 ad breaks
  • Removing ads the show went for 2 hours 6 minutes
  • The commercials shown went for a total of 41 minutes

That’s right – a show that went for 2 hours 6 minutes had 41 minutes of commercials – 1/4 of the entire show was advertising, or to put it another way, they added commercials making up 1/3 of the total running time of the actual movie. And that doesn’t include:

  • Popup advertising showing the next TV show:

  • Lotto results:

  • The incredibly insulting squashing of credits to advertise other shows at the end of the show:

It really is no wonder that people are turning away from Free-to-air television. The commercial stations need to find a new source of revenue – more and more people are not going to put up with this crap. Which of the Australian networks is most likely to be first to realise this? Seven doesn’t look like a candidate.

Commercial Reality

2 thoughts on “Commercial Reality

  • February 27, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    You could try getting the shows from overseas where they tend to remove the commercials or pay for TiVo. Unless its a very very popular show it’s usually better to get the show from the source rather than wait for terrestial free to air ozzie networks to get it. But i have to agree with you – the amount of commercials spliced into movies is horrendously over done. What’s annoying is that the same commercial appears in each and every commercial break. This does nothing but make the viewer annoyed with whatever is being advertised to the extent they will avoid buying the darn thing!!

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