Last week, Channel 9 gave all Australian viewers a sneak peak at “Hole in the Wall” – a new celebrity game show based on a segment from a Japanese game show called “Tonneruzu no Minasan no Okage deshita“. It was a sneak peak, as apparently we will be seeing more of it once the Olympics are over.

I love my Japanese game shows. Probably the highlight of every trip I make to Japan. And for years I’ve been saying on these trips: “We should take some of these shows to Australia – people will love them!”. So when I heard we were getting this show I was excited.

And then I realised we weren’t getting an entire show. Instead we were getting a segment of a show (Brain Wall), stretched out to make an entire show. Mistake number one.

So, the idea of the show is that contestants (celebrities) stand on the “Play Area”, and walls come toward them with shapes cut out – and they have to fit through the shapes, or get pushed in to a pool. You can’t really get that wrong…can you?

Well, here is an example of a “Hole” in a wall.


And now let’s take a look at the male celebrities Channel 9 chose for the first episode.


Notice anything (apart from the fact that the male body in spandex is rarely a good look)? Yes, at least two of these guys (Jacko and Tim) are obese. And look at the hole in the wall. No matter how hard you try, those guys will NOT fit through that hole.

And there is the second problem. It is only funny the first time you present the contestants with holes they can’t fit through. If you continue to do that, it just isn’t funny. And half an hour later the guys had scored a big fat zero.

So Channel 9, you need to actually do a bit of work if you want something to work in Australia. You can’t just buy all the props from Japan, slap it all together and hope it will work. You may not have noticed, but generally Japanese blokes are much skinnier than your average Aussie blokes. So you have to build new props (with cut out stomachs for Jacko and Tim to fit through apparently), or only choose skinny women as contestants (don’t get me started on the sexist comments the host made about the women in the show).

As usual, Channel 9 are idiots. They don’t deserve rights to the show. They don’t deserve a free to air TV licence. And that watermark is still annoying.

I should point out though that the show rated very well. Perhaps like me people were expecting more. I can’t see it lasting as is.

Hole in the Wall

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