iPhone/iPad Software

  1. BulletSecret - Send SMS and Mail messages to your friends and colleagues, encrypted so only they can read them.

  2. Bulletuʍop əpısdn - Send SMS and Mail message to your friends with upside down text.

Mac OS X Software

  1. BulletEyeControl - Remotely programme your EyeTV on a local network or across the internet.

  2. BulletGoogol - A calculator and search launcher that makes use of Google™'s internet search engine and on-line calculator.

  3. BulletLaunch! TPG - A TPG Broadband Usage Meter.

  4. BulletLaunch! Netspace - A Netspace Broadband Usage Meter.

  5. BulletTemplates - A Mac OS X Service for the Finder, allowing a user to make any system object a template, with the ability to quickly and easily create new instances of that object based on this template. Includes the ability to use AppleScript with these files, and more.

  6. BulletUniversal Document - A developers tool for creating a single application that appears as a localised document to the end-user.

Newton Software

  1. BulletBattery Info - Complete battery, power and temperature information on your Newton.

  2. BulletTime Sheet Entry - A time sheet recording package that extends the Newton Dates application.

Windows Software

  1. BulletWinroids - A Windows based Asteroids clone.

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