I hate people who don’t test software. Sure, they usually say “We didn’t have time!”. In most cases it isn’t true – it is because they were too lazy to test their software. And I hate lazy people.

So anyway, I’m out visiting a business partner, and in the foyer of their building they had one of those touch screen directory displays. The type where you put in the first letter of the company you are looking for, and then select the entry you want and it gives you all their business information.

I took some photos of it with my phone, so the quality is poor. But anyway, it looked like this:


And at the bottom are these funky up down buttons for moving back and forth between pages.


So anyway, I thought I’d test the software a little – hey, it’s a hobby. What happens if I go backwards on page 1?


Oh no they didn’t? Oh yes they did! So I went back a few more pages.


I considered going all the way back to see if I could crash the software when it reached some type size limit, but there was a guy behind me wanting to use the device.

Anyway, the company wasn’t even listed. But they were in the building. So not only is the software untested (and full of the most basic of edge case bugs), it doesn’t get updated very often either.

Lazy developers. Crap software. Probably Windows developers.

Testing your Software

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