What is it?

Battery Info is a small (7k) application for the Newton. It has only been tested on the Apple Newton MessagePad 2x00 series. Battery Info is freeware!

When the application is running, it gives you the following information, as shown in the screen shot:

  1. BulletType of batteries installed;

  2. BulletWhether batteries or AC adapter is in use;

  3. BulletThe charge on the batteries;

  4. BulletThe state of the batteries (charging, charged, discharging);

  5. BulletAC Voltage (V);

  6. BulletBattery Voltage (V);

  7. BulletBattery Current (mA);

  8. BulletBattery Temperature (degrees C); and

  9. BulletAmbient Temperature (degrees C).

Why did you build this?

A number of reasons:

  1. BulletThe newton itself stores this information, but doesn't display it;

  2. BulletMany of the applications available to give this information are insanely large; and

  3. BulletMost of the applications available that give the temperature, give it in degrees Farenheight, which is bloody useless if you live in Australia.

  1. batteryinfo.pkg (7k)

Battery Info is Copyright © 1997-2022 Jamie Curmi (curmi.com), All rights reserved.