Control EyeTV remotely - anywhere...anytime

EyeControl allows you to remotely programme your EyeTV from any networked Mac - on a local network or across the internet.

+ View your recorded programmes - conveniently grouped and expandable by title.

+ Sort your programmes by title, date or station.

+ Create/Edit/Delete scheduled or recorded programmes remotely.

+ Play files locally in full screen direct from EyeControl.

+ Browse TV Guides on-line, with support for scripts to add programmes direct from guides.

+ Supports text in languages other than English.

View completed programmes in your EyeTV Library

Edit programmes remotely or locally - just like EyeTV

Control EyeTV with internet or Bonjour addressing


+ PowerPC or Intel Macintosh running OS X 10.5 or higher

+ EyeTV 1.8.x, EyeTV 2.x, EyeTV 3.x

+ Internet or network connection for remote operation


The icon used by EyeControl was provided by Adam 'Elroy' Mazzitelli (

Known Limitations

+ Schedule conflicts will bring a dialog to the front of EyeTV, locking up EyeControl until this dialog is dismissed

+ Custom repeat settings can not be created or edited


EyeControl is not a product of Elgato - makers of EyeTV. It is not maintained or supported by Elgato. No warranty is made to EyeControl’s usefulness, and no responsibility will be taken for loss incurred through its use or misuse.

EyeControl version 1.8    NEW!

EyeControl version 1.7

EyeControl is Copyright © 2006-2022 Jamie Curmi (, All rights reserved.