Usage Statistics for TPG Broadband

Launch! TPG is a Mac OS X application for displaying usage statistics on the TPG broadband network. 

+ Usage meter shows how much you have downloaded

+ Displays calculations of costs when over your monthly allowance

+ Status menu item

+ Numerous other features.

Using Launch! TPG

Launch! TPG has two possible interfaces - a window interface, and a status icon in the menu.

Usage statistics are automatically updated to show current unrated usage.

Links to useful cable related web pages are provided in a slide out drawer and the status menu.

If you go over your monthly download allowance limit, Launch! TPG can inform you of expected costs that you will incur.

Preferences allow you to set your login name and password, along with other options such as usage statistics updates and your current broadband plan.

The icon for Launch! TPG also shows you when the application is running (red flames on the icon in the dock) and a usage statistics meter.


+ PowerPC or Intel Macintosh running OS X 10.5 or higher

+ TPG Broadband account


The icon used by Launch! was generously provided by Ben Nelson from Nelson Design.


Launch! TPG is not a product of TPG. It is not maintained or supported by TPG. No warranty is made to Launch! TPG's usefulness, and no responsibility will be taken for loss incurred through its use or misuse.

Launch! TPG version 2.7    NEW!

Launch! TPG version 2.6

Launch! TPG is Copyright © 2004-2022 Jamie Curmi (, All rights reserved.