What is it?

Time Sheet Entry is a small (10k) auto-part for the Newton, that extends the Dates application to allow users to keep track of timesheet information. It has only been tested on the Apple Newton MessagePad 2x00 series. Time Sheet Entry is freeware!

When the application is installed, a additional menu item will be available from the "new" selector in the Dates application.

Selecting this item brings up an entry slip much like a meeting slip, as shown.

This slip gives you the ability to:

  1. BulletAdd a "category" (choose from 4 defaults: Work, Meeting, Training, Leave, and recalls the last 8 entered by HWR or keyboard).

  2. BulletAdd a "comment" (recalls the last 8 entered by HWR or keyboard)

  3. BulletAdd the date/time worked

  4. BulletPrint, Fax, Beam, Mail, Delete the current entry

  5. BulletList the total hours entered for that day, and total hours entered for that week.

This small icon shows those time sheet entries in your agenda or daily view. These entries also appear in the overview, as shown.

In the daily views, you can drag the time length bar just as you do with a regular meeting. You can click on an icon to edit it, you can select it and delete it, just like a regular meeting.

Example of use

The time is calculated automatically to the nearest half hour - from the last entered time to the current (or from 9am if you have no entries for that day). This is best explained with an example:

You get to work at 9am. You do some work until 11am, when you have a meeting. So you choose to create a new Time Sheet Entry. TSE automatically sets the time worked from 9am - 11am (the current time). You choose "Work" from category, and enter a comment of "Scheduling code". You close the slip. The entry is added.

You go to the meeting. It finishes at 12:20pm. As you leave the meeting you choose new Time Sheet Entry. TSE automatically sets the time worked from 11am - 12:30pm. You set the category to "Meeting" and the comment "Horizon meeting". You look at the slip and notice that today you have worked 3.5 hours, and for the week you have worked 38 hours. 2 more hours and you can go home! You close the slip. The entry is added.

At any time you can open an entry (on any day), and see the current hours worked on that day, and for that week. Perfect for clock watches, or for determining if you are owed any time-in-lieu.

  1. timesheet.pkg (10k)

Time Sheet Entry is Copyright © 1998-2022 Jamie Curmi (curmi.com), All rights reserved.