In a previous article I talked a lot about Leopard and Stacks – in particular about how ugly Stacks look, and how confusing they are because of a lack of easy identification as to what they represent. I explained a simple way to try and bring some order to Stacks by using specially named folders to ensure they were always at the top of the Stacks, so you could tell what each Stack represented. Below is an example of using this method.

Better Stacks

I also mentioned that, with a bit of Photoshop, some better icons could be created so that the Stacks looked like they were “inside” the folder that represented the Stack. In my article I did a quick and dirty example of this to explain what I was looking for.

Stacks inside a folder

Chys, a Japanese artist with a lot more skill in Photoshop than I, has taken that idea one step further, and the results look great.

New Stacks

Sure, this is a hack. But it is the best we can do while we wait for Apple to make Stacks a useful feature. If you are using Leopard, you might want to check them out.

Improving Stacks

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