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Latest Software

The latest software for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, AppleTV and Apple Watch. Available at the Apple App Store.


Add your favourite Contacts to widgets on your Home Screen or Today View. Single click access to your favourite people.

You can choose different sizes, different layouts, different background colours and gradients, and choose to show or hide names. You can choose to call, message, mail or use FaceTime on tapping the contact, or make your choice after selection. The widgets show the contact and the mechanism you choose to use to contact them.


Send SMS and Mail messages to your friends and colleagues, along with posts to Facebook, twitter and Weibo, encrypted so that only they can read the message. Tap and type your message, and with one click you can encrypt and then send your message, or copy it to the clipboard for pasting in to another application. Shake to clear your message. Secret is really easy to use.

Secret – just between you and me…

Schrode the Cat

The ultimate decision maker!

Ask Schrode your yes/no question, tap the box and Schrode will answer. Is Schrode alive, dead, or perhaps the undead?! Use Schrode the Cat to make decisions in your life. Based on the famous Physics thought experiment “Schrödinger’s Cat”.

uʍop əpısdn

Looking for something unusual, unique, fun and a little silly? Type text and flip it upside down. Send email and messages to friends with upside down text.

˙ʇxəʇ uʍop əpısdn ɥʇıʍ spuəıɹɟ oʇ SWS puɐ |ıɐɯə puəS ˙uʍop əpısdn ʇı dı|ɟ puɐ ʇxəʇ ədʎ⊥ ¿ʎ||ıs ə|ʇʇı| ɐ puɐ unɟ ‘ənbıun ‘|ɐnsnun ɓuıɥʇəɯos ɹoɟ ɓuıʞoo⅂

Just enter text and watch it flip. One click access to send an email or send a message.


Zymon says…

Train your brain, your powers gain.
A simple game, just match the same.
As your score grows, the faster it goes.
With an Apple Watch twist, play it from your wrist!

A colourful, fun game that also helps train your brain. Play it from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or even from your Apple Watch.

Older Software


Older software for the Apple Mac. This software is no longer supported.


Remotely programme your EyeTV on a local network or across the internet.

LaunchLaunch! TPG

A TPG Broadband Usage Meter.

LaunchLaunch! Netspace

A Netspace Broadband Usage Meter.


A Mac OS X Service for the Finder, allowing a user to make any system object a template, with the ability to quickly and easily create new instances of that object based on this template. Includes the ability to use AppleScript with these files, and more.

UD_iconUniversal Document

A developers tool for creating a single application that appears as a localised document to the end-user.


Still have an Apple Newton lying around? Awesome devices! Here is some software I wrote for the Newton many many years ago.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 4.42.07 PMBattery Info

Complete battery, power and temperature information on your Newton.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 4.44.42 PMTime Sheet Entry

A time sheet recording package that extends the Newton Dates application.


I don’t program for Windows. But back in university I used Windows to learn C++, and wrote this small game. I lost the source code long ago, but here it is for anyone interested.



A Windows based Asteroids clone.