icon350x350Zymon says…

Train your brain, your powers gain.
A simple game, just match the same.
As your score grows, the faster it goes.
With an Apple Watch twist, play it from your wrist!

A colourful, fun game that also helps train your brain. Play it from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or even from your Apple Watch.

Now available in the App Store.  Go get it!

Faster Simpler

Front page of The Age today is this ad:

Screen shot 2009-12-07 at 10.53.47 AM

“Faster simpler”? What does that mean? Did they possibly mean “Faster, simpler”?  And given the other sentences ended with correct punctuation, shouldn’t that one end with a full stop?

Not to mention the large 7 is a different font than the 7 in the actual logo at the bottom?

It’s just lazy, like everything Microsoft does. Their ads have as much attention to detail as their operating system. No need to click the “Experience now” button – I think that ad tells you exactly what to expect.

Oba Mao shirts get the local authorities shirty

Oba-mao_2A new t-shirt that just hit the local Chinese markets has put the China-U.S relations at breaking point. The t-shirt depicts US President Barack Obama as Mao Zedong dressed in a military uniform. China is so concerned that the t-shirt will offend Obama they’ve decided to send a complimentary container ship filled with watermelons and fried chicken. Obama has welcomed the gifts which he has used to help kick start his Windows 7 party at the White house. Obama said “This represents a new chapter for the US and China, I also like the bigger icons, Windows 7 really is rising“.

Obama is currently in Japan to discuss regional security concerns. He is also requesting additional support to halt the production of the “Kung Fu kid” after previous attempts to stop Will Smith have failed.

What’s next for Rove

After 10 long years of boring television viewers to tears, Rove has decided to call it quits. Rove has always enjoyed inflicting his predictable and repetitious attempted humour on the general public. In fact he’s thrived on it. It  has never been about the ratings, the money, or the fame – it has always been about sadism. Ratings are down and the mood on the street has never been better.  Have you noticed a random stranger smile at you while passing in the street? Good chance it’s due to Rove leaving the airwaves.

So what’s next for Rove? Some say a permanent radio gig. Others say he’s working on the 4th phase of the road map for peace in the middle east. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Will’s Windows 7 Rising

“Don’t stay with XP, you’re bound to get confused, Windows 7 really rules.”

Those are the wise words of Will Smith. No not the Will Smith that spends most of his time butchering your childhood. This is a much smaller, pastier version who enjoys singing.  Will appears to be a love child of the actual PC guy from the Apple commercials, brought into this world to defend his father’s honour.

Click the below link to see Will in action.

Will’s Windows 7 Rising